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Torah Corner – Tetzaveh – Sometimes you need to Take in order to Give

The Torah commands that the Menora should be lit daily in the Sanctuary.

Considering that Hashem does not need our light, why does He command that we should light the Menora? The Medrash explains –  just as Hashem makes light for us, so too we should make light for Him.

The Midrash gives the analogy of a blind person and a sighted who are walking together. The sighted person led the blind person the entire way. When they came to their destination, the sighted person told the blind person to make a light. “I want you to do this,” he said, “so you will not feel a debt of gratitude for all that I have done for you. Now you have done something for me in return.”

When you do a favour for another person, the recipient feels a debt of gratitude. To leave them with that debt is not ideal. Sometimes, the kindest thing to do is to give them an opportunity to repay you with a kindness.

Accepting a gift in return for a kindness can itself be a great kindness.

Have a wonderful Shabbat


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