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Torah Corner – Kindness Mishpatim

Being in pain or sick is an unfortunate yet inevitable part of life. The physical discomfort is often accompanied by mental anguish and anxiety. 

The Torah therefore insists that a doctor should do whatever he can to heal an injured or sick person. Doing so is obviously a great kindness for a fellow human being in need.

We should not however think that this mitzvah of healing the sick is limited to medical professionals. Even regular people can fulfil this mitzvah by visiting the sick and praying for their recovery.

The Gemora says that by visiting the sick, you remove a fraction of their sickness. When the patient sees and feels that people care, it brings healing.

When we visit the sick, it is important to be aware that we are doing so for the benefit of the patient and therefore to be sensitive to his or her needs and not to overstay our welcome.

Other things that we can do to assist a sick person:

  • ensure that the patient’s room is clean and airy
  • assisting the patient with his or her non-medical needs
  • cheer the patient up by bringing a gift or by speaking about light and happy topics
  • pray for the patient

So even if you are not a doctor, you can bring healing to the sick.

May we all be well and healthy!

Good Shabbos


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